Revitalize Your Home: Deep Cleaning Overlooked Appliances in the Kitchen and Laundry.

While our cleaning schedules are usually set on repeat mode for efficiency, sometimes we need to catch those not-so-obvious spots.

Sure, you mop your kitchen twice a week, but when did you last deep clean your oven?

You might wipe down the counters daily, but have you inspected your coffee maker lately?

And even if your laundry corner looks neat, remember the last time you cleaned the washing machine or dryer?

This weekend, let’s break the routine. Dive into cleaning an often-overlooked appliance.

Revitalize Your Home: Deep Cleaning Overlooked Appliances in the Kitchen and Laundry.

Weekend Challenge: Deep Clean a Usually-Neglected Appliance.

Here are a few top contenders and their cleaning guides:

Washing Machine.

Always start by consulting your machine’s manual. If lost, search online with its brand and model name.

If your washer has a self-cleaning feature, utilize it. Otherwise, run two cycles – one with white vinegar followed by another with baking soda.

For detailed areas, use vinegar with a scrub brush. For a more straightforward monthly routine, consider using cleaning tablets like Affresh, which is suitable for both top and front loaders.


While the dryer is more straightforward to maintain than its counterpart, it’s essential.

Besides checking the manual for specific cleaning instructions, regularly wipe the exterior with an all-purpose cleaner.

Please focus on the lint trap: vacuum it and occasionally wash the screen to avoid detergent build-up.

Crucially, consider a professional dryer duct cleaning to prevent fire hazards.


It might seem strange to clean your cleaning appliances, but it’s essential. Over time, the dishwasher accumulates residue.

Remove the racks and inspect the dishwasher parts. A combination of white vinegar and baking soda usually does the trick.

While an annual deep clean is recommended, if you’re short on time, cleaning tablets can offer a quick fix.


The oven can be the hidden mess of a pristine kitchen. Skip the self-cleaning cycle or commercial oven cleaners, which can be harsh. Instead, opt for a baking soda paste.

If your oven grills and racks are dirty, immerse them in warm, soapy water in the bathtub. Protect the tub with a towel or liner.

Small Appliances.

Shift focus to smaller gadgets if your major appliances are in good shape. Your toaster, microwave, and coffee maker could use some love.

Use detailing tools like toothpicks and cotton swabs to reach into tiny spots. Clear crumbs, spray with a vinegar-water mix, and wipe down.

Remember, the goal is to improve, not achieve perfection. Either follow our weekly challenge or tackle a different task you’ve been meaning to address. The choice is yours!

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