The best cervical travel pillows.

When taking a long trip by car, train, or plane, the neck and neck are the parts of the body that usually suffer the most due to bad posture acquired by sitting in the same position for hours.

The best cervical travel pillows

To avoid possible contractures, travel pillows are generally a practical and economical option to keep the back straighter and the neck does not go to the sides if we fall asleep for a while or if we are using the mobile or reading a book.

Which travel pillow models have we chosen?

We selected four models of travel pillows: The best cervical travel pillows.

To test and rate them, the following characteristics were taken into account:

  • Design and materials: whether the materials used are resistant and comfortable. Whether the design is comfortable for the neck.
  • Size: if it is a good size to cover the neck and not too big to carry.
  • Experience of use: If it is comfortable, easy to put on, and not too hard or soft.
  • Other: If it comes with a storage pouch, is it easy to clean?

Comparison of the best cervical travel pillows.

The travel pillows selected and used in this comparison have been tested mainly on car trips of different durations (shorter and longer) and at other times of the day, both early in the morning and late at night.

The best travel neck pillow is the BCOZZY. It can be positioned differently, is soft and comfortable, and provides stable neck support while sleeping.

BCOZZY cervical travel pillow: our choice.

Available in several colours and different sizes for both adults and children, the winning travel pillow in this comparison encircles the entire neck and even offers chin support.

BCOZZY The best cervical travel pillows

There are two sizes for adults: L, for neck sizes between 31 and 40 centimetres (the one we tested), and XL, for necks over 40 centimetres.

The BCOZZY travel pillow weighs very little (less than 300 grams) and is ideal for travelling with it by any means of transport: plane, train, or car.

It comes with a bag for storage, and the first thing that strikes you is that it is very soft to the touch.

The manufacturer indicates that it offers double support in the neck, head, and chin, so once placed on the neck (with a Velcro closure on the front), the first impression is that it keeps it firm but in a relaxed manner, without forcing it.

Also, the fact that it also reaches the chin makes it very comfortable for a nap in the car or while using the cell phone or tablet on a long trip.

It is also possible to place it sideways (leaning the pillow against the wall of the car or plane). In that case, it is more uncomfortable because the head’s weight is in a single point.

The pillow is made of viscoelastic foam and a breathable and hypoallergenic micro-fleece and micro-suede fabric, which, although it allows air circulation on sweltering days, is somewhat hot on the neck.

As for cleaning, it can be put in the washing machine, so it is straightforward to clean.

Flybuddy travel neck pillow: the alternative and best value for money.

Unlike the winning model, the Flybuddy travel neck pillow is inflatable. However, it inflates in just a few seconds without needing any device: three breaths is more than enough.

Flybuddy The best cervical travel pillows

It also deflates quickly, as it has a valve for this purpose. Its design consists of two side parts and a small backrest at the back (in the shape of the letter H) that surrounds the entire head. To adjust it, it is necessary to use some strings in the front part.

During the first use, we found it soft to the touch, and although it is a bit larger than the winning model, we found it comfortable as long as it does not inflate too much. Otherwise, it is stiff. Once in place, the neck stays pretty firm, and you can rest your chin on it.

As for accessories, it comes with a bag for storage after deflation, so it takes up very little space in your luggage (like a paperback book), earplugs, and a hood over the top of the pillow to cover your eyes.

The latter is ideal for some darkness if you want to sleep during the day. The cover is removable and machine washable.

BUYUE cervical travel pillow.

This is the most different (and most economical) of all the travel pillows reviewed. Inflatable and elongated in shape, its primary function is to support the head sideways; it inflates in a few seconds (no need for an inflator).

It can be attached to the car’s headrest or carried on the shoulder using adjustable cords. Initially, it is soft to the touch as a velvety material; however, as the hours go by, it becomes a little more uncomfortable than the rest.

It is essential to take a good posture to be comfortable, and being with the head sideways can cause discomfort in the neck and neck if we are in the same position for a long time. Also, having an elongated design (96 centimetres long), it sometimes needs to be more bulky, mainly if used by children.

The BUYUE cervical travel pillow deflates quickly so that it can be stored anywhere in your luggage. As for cleaning, wiping it with a cloth dampened with soap and water is best.

Makimoo cervical travel pillow.

Makimoo is quite traditional in its design: it is placed around the neck without surrounding it. Made of viscoelastic foam,

it offers an extraordinarily comfortable memory effect (when the head rests on it, the shape remains ‘engraved’), as it is neither too hard nor too soft.

However, although it is pretty ergonomic, it does not hold as firmly as the previous models, so it is ideal for short trips.

During the days of use and considering that I had some neck and neck pain, there were times during the trip that I preferred to be without it because it was a little uncomfortable.

Also, it is hypoallergenic and breathable, so it can be used any time of the year because it does not get hot while in use. It doesn’t pick up any odour, even if you sweat.

As for its size, the Pikolin Home travel neck pillow is small (28 x 28 x 8 centimetres), so it can be stored anywhere. It comes with a zippered cover that can be put in the washing machine.

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